Case Studies

Case Study 1


Project type: Non-Profit 501(c)(3) in Orlando, Florida working to TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) feral community cats, re-homing and adopting whenever possible.

Project expectationsSet complete marketing strategy and begin the execution of an active social media strategy. Form a single voice on social channels and within engaging communications; all work executed was designed to speak to the rescues ideal adopter.

Project length: 1 month measured for study, project is ongoing

Project results: Initial month of strategy implementation provided a 293% increase in organic reach, 100% increase in social profile visits, a 633% increase in audience growth on Facebook compared to previous month(s!), and a 48% increase in audience growth on Instagram compared to previous month.

The first email campaign to re-introduce the non-profit to past adopters yielded the following results: 36% open rate and 5% click rate, the rescue also received 3 monetary donations and a community fundraising offer.

Bayer Social continues to maintain overall marketing strategy, social strategy, content creation, channel maintenance, and email marketing for The Way Home Rescue.

Case Study 2


Project type: Fine Art production company with a goal to improve overall client facing operations, grow customer base, and maintain sales.

Project expectations: Overhaul customer communication standard, including email templates for regular follow up. Re-introduce company to existing clientele. Create relevant content for social media targeted specifically for ideal audience; maintain regular online presence.

Project roadblocks: Client failed to fulfill products and provide regular communication, hindering their complete success. This case study is an excellent example of the power of marketing, despite poor business management.

Project length: 8 months, May 2017 – December 2017.

Image below shows active strategy numbers broken down by thirds (I.E. 4 months pre-strategy and 8 months of active strategy, broken down.). Also shown are details on the client base and activity numbers totaled pre-strategy vs. active strategy. 


Case Study BDE Graphic (1)

Project results: Audience targeted was proven appropriate for new client growth, increasing the number of new clients by 373% during the project period. New client repeat orders also increased 1500%.

Regular clients were reassured and grew trust for the company providing a 324% increase in active accounts and a 320% increase in repeat orders from active accounts. In addition, there was a drastic 550% increase in the quantity of repeat orders per active account and a 200% increase in average items per order.

Direct client interaction and project follow up increased positive feedback 30%.

Case Study 3


Project type: Marketing Agency looking to grow niche authority and community of educational podcast listeners.

Project expectations: Create content related to weekly released podcast, including blogs on the company website, visual content, social media engagement, and weekly email announcements targeted towards ideal audience.

Client required action: Regular podcast production, already in action. An ongoing goal to increase the quantity of content being created to further engage active listeners was also set; additional content was designed to limit quantity of time required of Client.

Project length: 5 months, January 2016 – May 2016.

Case Study Aweb graphic (1)

Project results: Downloads per podcast episode doubled upon initial month of social strategy implementation. Client provided additional mini content from February – April, which boosted additional downloads during that time.

Content downloads remained 50%+ greater than original trend despite additional content halting, as shown in May. Additionally, interactions on social media content increased 250%.