5 Tips to Creating Better Content

When it comes to content you’ve likely heard the saying ‘Content is King’. This means that quality, valuable content will always conquer.

Content is a gateway for your viewers to get to know, like, and even trust you. You have a premium opportunity to showcase your business (link to SM is an art gallery blog) and catch the attention of your potential clients.

Need better engagement?
Need more leads?
Not getting enough social media traction?

My advice, evaluate your content.

Here are five tips to get your content on the right track! Ask yourself…

  1. Is what I am posting something MY CLIENTS would like to see? If you aren’t posting content that is relevant to your clients, you won’t achieve your goals.

Hint: If you post content that isn’t something your clients would enjoy, you likely won’t reach your ideal audience and worse you can misrepresent your brand! Place a high emphasis on this evaluation as you decide what content to create and post.

  1. Am I creating content that showcases what my business really is/does?

    Stay on track with your social media, keeping your stream a steady feed of information on your business. Grow your reputation, showcase your work history, gain authority! If you do decide to share funny or inspiring posts, make sure they are relevant to your business and services.

Hint: Don’t fill your empty days with irrelevant content. People aren’t likely to find your business because it posted something that was generally funny, inspiring, or wishes them a happy day.

  1. Is my imagery visually pleasing? Consider what message you are trying to get across, focus on the subject you want to enhance. If you are taking a picture for example, before clicking the shutter, make sure you’re well framed (i.e. your subject is centered, straight, your surrounding area isn’t messy or chaotic, and your subject is not cut off in any way).

Always provide additional, relevant information in any accompanying written content.

Hint: Blurry images, poorly framed shots, products that aren’t clean and displayed with care… these are all things that can make your content seem less than professional.

  1. Am I posting enough? Would you be more relevant if you posted more often? You don’t need to go overboard, but having a consistent presence makes a difference in the chances of reaching your ideal audience.

Hint: Remember, social media displays most recent, relevant, and popular content to viewers. Keep this in mind as you decide what the best social strategy is for your company.

  1. Have I considered when I am posting? Posting relevant content at a relevant time increases your reach and engagement potential significantly!

Hint: While you don’t have to get super specific with your posting times, I.E. I’m going to post this at 2:03 pm or 4:57pm… but you should definitely consider when your audience is most active and post during those periods.

Creating content can seem daunting, but with a proper plan and strategy in place you can achieve amazing things with your online community. Take action, plan and create!

Need a strong Social Media Manager? Connect with me today. Let’s discuss the opportunities available to grow your online community.

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