Getting Personal with Great Online Engagement.

Having an online presence is more than posting once in a blue moon or making a cool video… that one time.

Online presence is truly your business, your face, your brand online for the world to see. Sometimes that means getting personal…

Not everyone likes to hear that, I know. I’ve heard, “I don’t really like to be seen.” “I’m not good at taking pictures.” “I just want to be in the background, just make it look good.”

What I hear is – I’m not sure I want to be vulnerable.

It’s okay. You aren’t alone. BUT it’s also important that you remember your online presence is an opportunity for you to showcase your abilities, business standards, mindset, and allows you to set expectations before the client ever steps foot in your door.

Now you don’t HAVE to be visually present in your everyday online activity, but people will want to know who you are when they visit your website. Be true and accessible, connect with your viewers and earn their trust.

It’s quite personal, your business.
You work hard.
You stand for something.

Remember! Your voice online is as loud, if not louder, than your voice in person. (Especially in today’s technology driven age.) People can go back and look again. Like sports and other evaluations, they can rewind and recheck the information they received! 

Your viewers will constantly evaluate you, what you share, where you share, the content you share.

Your person is going to have questions while they browse, will your presented content answer those questions?

By engaging your clients where they stand, you’re going to improve your interactions simply by being and presenting information based on where they are – right now! By doing this you are being relevant and acting as a guide; this is an opportunity to earn trust.

When you engage online, be vulnerable to an extent.
Share what you believe in.
Make statements based on truth.
Tell your people how you can solve their problems.
Tell them what you can alleviate when they choose you.

Basic takeaways:

  • Be brave
  • Share more than you take
  • Be yourself
  • Share what your people are looking to find
  • Be honest
  • Guide others with the content you create
  • Be valuable
  • Always talk directly to your person



Need help getting started? Browse our informational blogs for help with DIY OR contact us today for a professionals touch!

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