Stop wasting time with half built bridges.

Social media should be a major piece of any businesses marketing plan.
But, it should not be your only piece.

Marketing is a complete company effort. Every ounce of your business should ooze, well, YOU.

If you were to build up any part of your marketing and fail in other areas, you would not see the desired end results.

Think about a human body, there’s a plan for the body and how it works every day. When something doesn’t work right, you go to a doctor to fix it. If your body has a problem with both the heart and lungs, but the doctors only work to fix one… your body dies. Lucky for you, no doctor would do that. (Phew!) 

Now, think about your business and the plan you have in place. Is anything broken; what needs fixing, attention, or a little TLC to make better? Are you neglecting anything?

Now the true, tough love question – why work to build any portion of your marketing if you won’t work on the rest?

If you build a stellar email funnel, but don’t have the potential clients to enter it… what’s the point?

If you work hours on end to build unique content for your website and ensure everything functions appropriately, but you have no other web presence and no traffic… what’s the point?

If you work to build only your social media platforms and ignore your back end… what’s the point?

When you leave unfinished pieces, you leave the path to your business a mess for those trying to find you.

When partially built, you’re creating broken bridges. You’re effectively teasing your clients with the information they need, but can’t have all the way because it’s not fully available to them.

Instead of half building your bridges, work to create a sturdy and dependable walkway; bring clients from where they are to you with a simple pathway.

I promise, if you expect them to work with what you got – like sending someone into the jungle with only the clothes on their back – they’ll likely perish. AKA they’ll find someone who DOES give them an easy path.


If you’re struggling, make sure to connect with a doctor who won’t ignore one part of your body for the other.


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