The Power in Getting to Know Your Person.

You’ve heard it before, you need to know your person, your ideal client, your audience.

Maybe you don’t know how, maybe you’ve never thought of it, maybe you don’t have the time to truly figure it out, or maybe you think you already do….

In any situation, when you look at your community and your interactions with those you serve – what does it look like?

Do you have good relationships with those you serve? 

Do you connect with your people when they need you, how they need you? 

Do you see growth in your community? 

Sometimes, it’s feels like it’s a lot of work to get into the details of what our person needs. But it’s a lot simpler than you may think.

Bonus, once you do – you unlock some serious power in your engagement with these people! 

Starting with the basics by evaluating your current audience with help you better understand how to serve them. It may also help you realize these are NOT your idea clients, and give clarity on how to attract your true ideal person.

A good place to start: take a good hard look through your analytics. Don’t have any, well gosh darn you better get some! (Here’s how for those who need to set up.)

When I tell you it’s important to know your person, I don’t mean your analytics can act as a one and done shop.

Your analytics can serve as a jumping point to understanding the day to day lives of those interacting with your company. BUT that’s about it. What’s important is how you use the information you gather.

For example, with something as basic as getting to know your audience interests. Well for starters, analytics will let you know some pretty broad categories of interest. Armed with that knowledge and the knowledge of your own business, you should create avatars, and then start creating relate-able, interesting content.

I know, I know.

It sounds overwhelming, but it’s exactly what you need for success.

For example, if you’re a chiropractic care facility who’s audience is big into fitness, think about how your expertise can intersect with that passion. Think like YOUR PERSON, what kind of information could they be searching for?

Again, if you’re a design firm who find that the majority of your analytics point to home and garden, as well as entertainment; think about your projects, your skills, that can benefit those interests.

You can attract YOUR PERSON with this mindset and process in ANY INDUSTRY.

Simply ask yourself, how does your person think.

Being ahead of your person’s actions is the best way to ensure you get to meet them where they stand, when they need you most.

Give them inspiration, ideas, and the answers they are searching for by knowing who you want to attract.


Getting into the nitty gritty of your own clients is time consuming and stressful. If you need a partner who can help you get it done right, 
Contact us today.


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