Successful Sprint, Done Right!

Marketing strategy can elevate your business, if you let it.

In March, we began work for a new non-profit client The Way Home Rescue; a local Orlando, Florida Cat Rescue that specializes in TNR (trap, neuter, release) and re-homing strays.

We are thrilled to partner with this stunning organization, and are beyond pleased with our first sprints success!

Here was our first sprint’s timeline: 

  1. Initial meeting to review strategy happened the last week of February and we started work promptly on March 5th. (Community growth, increased outreach, audience review, and a re-introduction email blast were all in our plans!)
  2. Before kicking off a single step of our plan, Bayer Social thoroughly reviewed analytics and audience behavior throughout their daily online interactions in order to develop the right language and content to attract the non-profits ideal adopters. 
  3. Week 1, we started to create and launch new content. I put a solid goal of 2-3 social media posts per day and set to increase the organizations Instagram story usage drastically to engage loyal followers. We created new audiences for better paid reach when utilized, and ensured all content would be suited for our ideal community.
  4. Week 2, an extended blog was created for the website. Content continued to thrive on social media. We began work on increasing our interactions with our audience and third party groups who support the non-profits cause.
  5. Week 3, we imported contacts and set up a simple email tracking system for Gmail; that same week we produced an email blast to past adopters to reconnect. (Results listed below!) Content still thrives online.
  6. Week 4, continued content, plan for following 4 weeks created, and successes shared.
  7. The sprint ended Monday, April 2nd.

We stayed in constant communication; I answered any questions that were raised and we continuously touched base on status, schedule, and plans for the coming weeks.

The Way Home handed full approval to Bayer Social after week one for social media content, which limited the need for approvals.

Results after 4 weeks? 

  • Facebook community members grew +58; previous month only saw +8 growth.
    Facebook organic reach increased an average of 400%!
  • Instagram community members grew +89; average profile visits per week increased an average of 100%!
  • Our email blast saw an open rate of 38.75% – that’s 13% higher than average across industry standards. In response to our re-introduction, the organization received 3 donations and a community fundraiser offer from a local school the same day!

This projects first run was extremely successful because 1. We knew exactly who we were speaking to with our content, and 2. the organization worked with Bayer Social to meet the goals needed for social media engagement. They were prompt to reply for approvals and best of all they fully adapted the strategy created for their direct content and BLEW expectations out of the water.


Want to grow your business with a solid strategy and a partner to execute?

Contact us today.

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