The BIG Secret to Successful Social Strategy

Time after time I see companies or agencies that work on marketing and social media strategy preach a “secret”…

They draw out information like they are trying to bait a fish. In a way they want someone to buy them – their product, their work so you can understand the “secret”.

That big secret that everyone in marketing keeps playing peek-a-boo with, is that you absolutely must be specific in each action you take.

The truth is, when you’re working for the betterment of your own company, of yourself, you don’t need to bait a fish. You don’t need to use a secret.

You share.
You get honest.
You work towards your goals, and speak to your clients goals.
And you kick some serious booty.

Every moment with your viewers should be used to speak information they want and need to hear. 

You should intimately know them.

The TRUTH is that humans haven’t changed, not their core selves.

Habits come and go, but the basic human emotion connected with any purchase (OR ACTION) has not changed.

If they need, want, wish for something – bet your bottom dollar they are going to get it. If they want the best of this, that, or the other – bet you they’re be hiring you. IF you can speak to them in everything you do.

Use social media as a tool to connect and engage with your person!

Post content they are interested in, that they are searching for. That is, literally, how you will connect with the people you want to work with.

You can use this in so many ways, we really can’t shove it all into one blog. More to come.

Need direction in how to connect with your person? Want us to help you do the thing?Contact us.

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