What can we learn from Disney’s marketing?

While enjoy an afternoon at Disney recently, I spent my time really watching – well, everything.

From cast-members, to signs, to ride ques, costumes (uniforms), to walkways, to the type of merchandise being offered and how. Phew, there was a lot!

Disney has remained a staple throughout generations.


They have consistently, and WONDERFULLY, connected with their visitors.

As they’ve grown they have stuck to their principles, but added to them.

I remember going through Traditions (yes, I worked for Disney for a short time.) and they discussed this very fact.

What started out as a goal to ‘Be a world leading provider in family entertainment’, turned to, –> ‘Be a world leading provider in family entertainment and innovation’ –> to, ‘Be a world leading provider in entertainment and innovation; with a commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation.’

People will say things have changed – with Walt gone we’ve seen some things stripped away. They’ve even put out a new “mission statement” that has taken on new life discussing utilizing all the brands along with slices of the goals previously discussed. BUT STILL. They have a solid marketing strategy, which makes them powerful even through the changes presented.

One of the things I personally think Disney does best with Marketing is that each piece of their strategy is targeted to a different person.

Think about it! 

The person they market a family getaway to on T.V. is not the same person who they display lavish couples getaways to on T.V. or in Magazines. They even market to kids differently too! (Remember those T.V. ads that had kids waking up early, seeing the characters dressed up on T.V., and going to jump in their parents bed innocently asking to go to Disney?)

The biggest thing – the person they market to in the parks, is not the same person they were at home before getting to ‘the happiest place on earth’!

Disney knows their audience changes day to day, they are human, they have moods, and bad days, and busy days, and days where seeing Mickey say “Hi kids!” makes parents want to pull out their hair… but when it all comes together, IT IS A SHOW!

When it comes to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS, remember that your consumers are not always the same. Get to know your person! You have to tailor their experience along their journey for optimal success.

Not only will this help you earn new clients, but it will help your audience get to know and like you before ever actually reaching out.


Need a strategy that will really connect to your audience?

We can help. Contact us today.

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