Get Stuck Like Glue.

Marketing works. 

Let me rephrase, good marketing works!

A big, huge, GIANT key to successful marketing is a clear understanding and harmony between clients and their marketing strategist; their partners.

Businesses can easily fight their own marketing. It can be deemed as difficult with a million pieces moving, owners should take the reigns and have a clear understanding of their plan.

It’s a fight, a desire for success, and a hunger.

When you work with a marketing strategy, you’re setting a course of action. 

Stick to it!!

Think about being a young adult with the clear, and urgent desire to be the most amazing athlete anyone has seen. But maybe you forgot your equipment one day, so you did something else… maybe you missed practice one or two times, and so on…  but, you lose sight of the plan. At this point, you probably aren’t able to keep your team moving in formation and you likely won’t be seeing the results you hoped or planned.

You may have only down a few things differently, but it adds up. You may have spent a lot of time and energy on what you created, but stay honest – by doing this you may be creating an unclear path or a broken bridge that your clients can’t use.

Your determination, if not well directed, can hinder your success. (That’s why at Bayer Social, we use military S.M.E.A.C.S. to provide a clear and concise understanding of ongoing plan of action and sign off on exact actions for every project.)

The amazing part of your plan is that it is ever evolving! Once you have a base set up you can constantly grow. 

Tip: You should always execute, reviewrenew, and relaunch to ensure your actions are on track.


Do you need a marketing strategy, partner in crime, or content creator? Let us help you see what’s possible!

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