Bayer Social helps businesses free up time AND grow their online audience using Social Media Management.

We help improve your online presence, overall Client engagement, and community impact with customized content targeted to your audience! This allows you to concentrate on the main functions of your business, while we handle the nitty-gritty of social media.

Using inbound marketing, continuous research, and custom created content, we work to grow your audience, get more business, and improve interactions with your community!
Every project with Bayer Social is designed around social strategy, created for you, to set goals and keep ongoing project work in line with your vision.

Communication matters to us, we’re always available to provide knowledge of your projects, advice, and analytics updates in a way that’s easy to digest and understand.

The most successful projects occur when all decision makers are aligned in thought and process, which is why when you work with us you gain a partner for every move. We’re here to help you succeed by providing insight and work hard to continuously grow your audience.

How We Can Help

Simply put we manage your online social presence to help grow your business and reach your ideal clients.

We concentrate on the fundamentals of inbound marketing to keep your content relevant and your audience engaged.

Successful Results from Strategy


Every social project starts with the same fundamentals; a unique audience, personal goals, individual avatars, etc.

We take and evaluate all the basics, the not so basics, and all the in-between of your business. Then, we lay it out clearly for easy digestion and implementation using a strategy outline called S.M.E.A.C.

Why S.M.E.A.C.?

Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration and Logistics, Commanding Signal

The Marine Corps utilize S.M.E.A.C.’s to issue orders in a clear and concise manner by providing a thorough orientation of the area of operations.

Bayer Social takes on the 5 Paragraph Order style to provide a clear direction of client goals, working details, and expectations.

All Clients receive a S.M.E.A.C. as an intro to their project; this provides a clear direction for ongoing strategy and work to be executed, each piece uniquely designed to achieve your business goals.


Bayer Social is the work of Christie Bayer, originally an Arizona native now residing in Orlando, Florida.

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Christie focused on Psychology and the Fine Arts throughout her education. In 2014, she fell in love with Marketing.

Now, utilizing inbound marketing techniques, psychology of human behavior, market studies, and targeted content, Christie helps clients better interact with their audience and grow their business.

By providing time saving assistance and expert advice for increasing online authority, Christie is able to help non-profits, designers, health educators, and professionals better their businesses through proper strategy and social media management.